Experts List
Connect with the right source to get water-related information.

The Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute provides non-advocacy, science-based information on all aspects of the Great Lakes and their coasts.

Jim Hurley - water chemistry, with a focus on mercury in the environment, and climate change

Titus Seilheimer - fish and fisheries, aquatic invasive species, such as Asian carp or zebra mussels

David Hart - online mapping systems and applications

Gene Clark - coastal engineering and how to apply it to ports, harbors, marinas, and shoreline management

Fred Binkowski - aquaculture and sturgeon population management

Deidre Peroff - social science

Kathy Kline or Anne Moser - education--lifelong learning and K-12

Julia Noordyk - coastal storms, water quality and habitat restoration

Emma Wiermaa - aquaculture

To speak with any of these experts, please contact Moira Harrington, (608) 263-5371.