Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve (LSNERR)

Sue O'Halloran (left), confers with others while visiting a small area of the 16,697-acre reserve.

Credit: Patrick Robinson, University of Wisconsin - Extension
Final Environmental Impact Statement on NERR

The final Environmental Impact Statement on the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve was published in September 2010.

The statement looks at the nominated site in its entirety along with a management plan that will serve to guide all aspects of managing the site for the conduct of research, education and outreach activities, and related management, acquisitions and community purposes. Future actions such as potential changes to boundaries, acquisition and construction related activities would receive additional reviews within the framework of this programmatic document but only with the supplemental information needed to make informed decisions of the action in question and help to avoid costly and unnecessary repetition of information.

Sea Grant is Key Partner in New Lake Superior Estuarine "Living Laboratory"
In 2010, Wisconsin got an extra treat the day after Halloween. October 26th was the designation date of the Lake Superior Estuarine Research Reserve (LSERR) located on the Wisconsin side of the St. Louis River, which divides Wisconsin and Minnesota at the western end of Lake Superior.