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Gull Grief — In some places, sea gulls are giving people a lot of grief. Several species of sea gulls are common around the docks and piers of marinas and commercial waterfronts. But in many places, people now think these gulls have become too common. >>

Birds in Verse — A love of birds is a family affair for an award-winning author. Jane Yolen says she knew of two kinds of birds while growing up in New York City: pigeons and not-pigeons. How things have changed. Yolen is the author of dozens of children's books, many of them about birds. Her latest is "Fine Feathered Friends: Poems for Young People." >>

On the Trail of the Albatross — A new study reveals secrets of albatross migrations. Scientists have known for years that the albatross, the world's largest seabird, is an exceptional flyer. It can harness wind currents and glide for hours without flapping its wings. Many albatross migrations even circle the earth. But the routes and reasons behind these long journeys have remained a mystery. John Croxall, head of conservation biology for the British Antarctic Survey, is using a new tracking device to follow one species of albatross on its travels. >>

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