How to make an origami Superfrog
You may want to print out all three instruction pages before starting to fold your frog so you have all your instructions in front of you.

Tip: the magazine subscription cards inside of magazines is a thick enough paper, that it gives more spring to your frogs--and they jump the farther. Try it!)


1. To make a Superfrog, start with a square piece of paper. You can find square origami paper at bookstores and art supply shops, or you can make your own.

2. To make your own square, take a sheet of paper and fold diagonally, so that side (a) meets side (b).

Cut along where the edges meet (red line). You can also fold and re-fold along the red line until there is a sharp crease, and tear the section off.

3. You now have a perfect square. Fold your square diagonally both ways, and in also in half so that your unfolded piece of paper matches this diagram.

origami1.gif (2980 bytes)

4. Start pushing in on points C and D, at the same time folding the top edge of the paper down until it meets the bottom edge of the paper. You want your completed fold to end up as a triangle.
origami2.gif (3630 bytes)origami3.gif (4444 bytes)origami4.gif (3089 bytes)

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