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Wisconsin Sea Grant has been around for more than 42 years -- providing science for the sustainable use of the Great Lakes. There are a lot of great stories to tell, and here's the place to connect with staff who will help tell them, or explore them first-hand through recent media coverage, news releases or as part of video or audio narratives.


Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage Trail Conference Set for September
Fisheries Specialist Titus Seilheimer is working on a conference for coastal leaders to capitalize on past, present and future fisheries as a tourism opportunity. Read more...

Teachers Aid Instructors During Shipboard Science Workshop
Although 15 teachers went aboard the R/V Lake Guardian to learn last month, at least one group of them ended up helping the instructors who were there to teach them more about aquatic research, and they aided a Wisconsin Sea Grant project to boot. Read more...

Monofilament Mania: Wisconsin Sea Grant Donates Fishing Line Recycling Bins to St. Louis River Alliance

With all the work going on to restore habitat in the St. Louis River Estuary, organizations would be remiss if they didn’t also address a man-made killer that lurks there: monofilament fishing line. That’s just what the St. Louis River Alliance of Duluth, Minn., is doing.


Successful Sea Caves Watch Project Saves Lives, Changes Hands

A public safety project designed to prevent kayaking tragedies at the popular mainland sea caves in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore has been turned over by the University of Wisconsin-Madison to the National Park Service and several partners. is a real-time wave observation system that provides webcam photos and wave height, water temperature and wind speed data to kayakers, who can access the website before venturing out on Lake Superior to the sea caves.


Social Scientist Switches Sea Grants
Wisconsin Sea Grant's first-ever social scientist, Jane Harrison, is leaving to join North Carolina Sea Grant's staff. Read more...

New Video Highlights Water Facts
The Wisconsin Water Library is a wonderful asset to Wisconsin Sea Grant and, in turn, the library celebrates some of Wisconsin's water assets through a new video. Read more...

A Wetland's Worth
A team of UW-Green Bay researchers is charting the nearshore linkages between coastal wetlands and sports fish.  Read more...

How the St. Louis River Estuary Works Backwards

A joint Wisconsin/Minnesota Sea Grant-funded research project on the St. Louis River Estuary has found a surprising result. The two-year study, which involved several researchers, looked into nutrient levels and water chemistry in the estuary. When it comes to nitrogen removal in the water, the estuary seems to be working backwards.


Lodi Middle School Teacher Chosen for Lake Michigan Shipboard Workshop
Michelle Howe, a science teacher at Lodi Middle School, will participate in a unique opportunity to study Lake Michigan. During July, Howe will join 14 other teachers on the Lake Guardian, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s research vessel for the week-long Shipboard and Shoreline Science Workshop. Read more...

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