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Wisconsin Sea Grant has been around for more than 42 years -- providing science for the sustainable use of the Great Lakes. There are a lot of great stories to tell, and here's the place to connect with staff who will help tell them, or explore them first-hand through recent media coverage, news releases or as part of video or audio narratives.


Vol 3, 2018
Catch up on water news with this issue of the Chronicle. Mercury research, groundwater research and more.  Read more...


Morgan Witte Joins Aquatic Sciences Center as a Project Assistant
Get to know Morgan Witte, a master's student in library and information science who is working primarily with the Wisconsin Water Library. Read more...

Swimming Into Bookstores and Hubs for Online Sale is a New Paperback Edition of “People of the Sturgeon”
A popular and award-winning Sea Grant book about a conservation success story is now available in paperback.  Read more...

“Chocolate Milk” Sediment Plumes Featured in Next River Talk

The River Talk series continues at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, at the Lake Superior Estuarium (3 Marina Dr., Superior, Wis.). Elizabeth Minor, a professor with the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Large Lakes Observatory, will present: “Lake Superior Storm Stories: A Biogeochemist’s View of the Plumes.”


And the Student Becomes the Master
This fall, Wisconsin Sea Grant bid farewell to a longtime and treasured employee, Kathy Schmitt Kline. She's played many roles in the organization, all in service to Great Lakes stakeholders.  Read more...

Wisconsin Sea Grant awarded federal research funds to aid development of the land-based salmon-farming industry

Wisconsin Sea Grant has been awarded a grant from the national office of Sea Grant, housed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to support the further development of sustainable, land-based Atlantic salmon aquaculture.


Under the Surface -- A Photographic Journey of Hope and Healing

The photo exhibit, “Under the Surface – A Photographic Journey of Hope and Healing,” is currently showing at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minnesota, and will soon be coming to Madison, Wisconsin, or a town near you.


A Career Solving Wicked, Sticky and Humongous Coastal Engineering Problems
Gene Clark, Wisconsin Sea Grant's coastal engineer, is planning to retire in 2019. Read about his standout accomplishments, which include the Sea Caves Watch Project, the freshwater steel corrosion issue in Lake Superior and the beneficial reuse of material dredged from Great Lakes harbors. We will miss him! Read more...

Groundwater Issues Headline River Talk Series
The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Minnesota and Wisconsin Sea Grant programs are starting the sixth year of science café-type evening talks about the St. Louis River Estuary in October. The talk, “Shedding Light on Groundwater,” is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 24, 7 p.m. at the Estuarium (3 Marina Drive, Superior, Wis.). The speaker is Kelsey Prihoda, a researcher with the Lake Superior Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Read more...

Tap Talks Series Taps Into Community Science Learning
A free monthly series of two-way science conversations where researchers on topics like butterflies, water, politics and Wisconsin's deer herd will welcome questions. The Tap Talks are slated for 4 p.m. on second Sundays, September 2018 through May 2019. Read more...

Visit the Archive page to review prior Press Room posts and news releases through the years. Read more...

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Wisconsin Sea Grant History
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Aquatic Sciences Chronicle

Vol 3, 2018
Catch up on the latest water research. 

Vol 1, 2018
The first issue of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle in 2018 has research updates and outreach news--a tool to prevent surface and groundwater contamination, the aquatic invasive species teaching tool the Attack Pack and angler diaries. Read more...

Vol. 4, 2017
The final issue of the Chronicle for 2017 offers resources on flooding from Wisconsin's Water Library and details a Sea Grant research project on promoting the aquaculture industry based on walleye. Plus, more.  Read more...

Vol 3, 2017
Sea Grant-funded researchers are finding ways to better protect Lake Michigan property that is eroding due to high water levels. The latest issue of the quarterly Aquatic Sciences Chronicle has the full story, and so much more.  Read more...

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