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 Got a question?

We’ve got answers! Wisconsin Sea Grant has expertise in zebra mussels and other nonindigenous species.

Please check out the frequently asked questions below to find your answer. If you don’t find it here, contact our nonindigenous species specialist or our University Reference Librarian.



How will zebra mussels affect the way I use lakes?

Will zebra mussels change fishing?

So zebra mussels make the water clearer—isn’t that good?


Will zebra mussels change the way I use my boat?

Will zebra mussels harm my property - especially my dock, swimming platform and trampoline?

How will zebra mussels change swimming in the lakes?


Can zebra mussels hurt the pump I use for my garden?

How can I dispose of the zebra mussel shells that accumulate on my shoreline?


Are zebra mussels edible?

What should I do if I cut myself on a zebra mussel shell? Will I need a tetanus shot?


Does anything eat zebra mussels?

Are there any chemical controls for zebra mussels?

What can I do to help prevent the spread of zebra mussels?

I've heard you can get tickets in some states for not cleaning the weeds off your boat. Is that true?

Phil Moy
Nonindigenous Species and Fisheries Specialist

Phil joined the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute in 1999. He is a trained biologist whose career centers on helping people manage fisheries and nonindigenous species. Phil works with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and University of Wisconsin Extension to provide information and advice to industry and agency personnel, and the public on topics like the inter-relationships of the ecosystem and the effects of invasive species on Great Lakes resources. He has developed innovative educational materials to teach people about invasive species. Phil also chairs the Lake Michigan Fisheries Forum, an advisory committee for the Wisconsin DNR.

You can use this web site to ask Phil a question.

Wisconsin's Water Library

This University of Wisconsin library contains almost 30,000 volumes of water-related information, with particular emphasis on issues concerning Wisconsin and the Great Lakes. Any Wisconsin resident can check out books about zebra mussels, other invasive species and more.

Contact our University Reference Librarian at Ask Water.





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