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Zebra mussels on a native clam

In Wisconsin, call Sea Grant specialist Phil Moy at (920) 683-4697, or use the online form to report a zebra mussel sighting. Outside of Wisconsin, please contact your nearest Sea Grant program, or your state department of natural resources

How to identify a zebra mussel:

  • Zebra mussels look like small clams, with a yellow or brownish D-shaped shell, often with dark and light-colored stripes.

  • They can be up to two inches long, but most are under an inch.

  • They usually grow in clusters, and are generally found in shallow (6-30 feet) water.

  • Zebra mussels are the only freshwater mollusk that can attach itself firmly to solid objects - submerged rocks, dock pilings, boat hulls, water intake pipes, etc.

What to do if you spot an invader:

  • Write down the date and exact location where the zebra mussel was found.

  • If possible, take the mussel with you and store it in rubbing alcohol.

  • In Wisconsin, report your sighting on this web site, OR

  • Call Phil Moy at Wisconsin Sea Grant (920) 683-4697.

  • Outside of Wisconsin, contact your nearest Sea Grant program, or your state department of natural resources.

  • Whatever you do, DON'T throw it back into the water!

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